Top 10 List of Why to Maintain Your Asphalt

1) It reduces/eliminates your liability against trip hazards. It’s cheaper than a lawsuit!

2) Keeps your property looking fresh, clean, and well taken care of.

3) It’s a tax write-off for business owners (consult your accountant before proceeding just for this reason).

4) Happy tenants due to an aesthetically pleasing property leading to tenant/customer retention.

5) Asphalt is less expensive than concrete.

6) Your property will look better than your neighbors!

7) Adds/increases value to your property.

8) No damage to cars due to potholes.

9) Road salt and petroleum-based products from vehicles cause a slow degradation.

10) The sun’s ultraviolet rays take a toll on it’s surface. It changes color, then gradually breaks down and becomes brittle.