We perform unrivaled asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh for commercial property owners. Your asphalt structures and surfaces are the welcome mats to your enterprise, and as such, they generally lend to the first impressions that potential customers establish, when driving by or entering onto your property.


Cracks and potholes in blacktop will diminish the visual appeal of your property, whether you are dealing with a dilapidated parking lot or a deteriorated tennis court. So, if you are in need of asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh, give us a call.


We can help you restore the beauty and value of your business.

Preventing Major Issues

Defects in your blacktop’s surface can lead to extensive foundation damages, which can result in structural failure and require a complete removal and replacement of your asphalt. So addressing smaller issues, before they become major – and expensive – problems should always be a priority.

  • Cracks and potholes will allow water to penetrate into the underlying soil of your blacktop, causing soil saturation, erosion and heaving. When foundation soil erodes, it creates pockets of space, beneath your asphalt, diminishing its support. When the soil becomes saturated and then freezes, it expands and makes your blacktop heave upward, creating cracks and uneven surface areas.
  • Cracks in your blacktop can also create liability risks, in the form of personal injuries. Dangerous premise laws allow individuals who trip and fall or experience property damage, due to your unmaintained blacktop, to pursue compensation through the courts. Personal injury lawsuits can be incredibly lengthy and expensive affairs, and they often wind up being more expensive than the services that could have prevented them. So, if your property is in need of asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh, pick up the phone and schedule your free estimate today.

Step by Step

The process of asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh begins with a thorough cleaning and preparation of your blacktop. First, any weeds or grasses growing up through the cracks are pulled out and then swept away. Then the area that is going to be patched is cleaned with an asphalt detergent to eliminate dust and ensure proper adhesion of fillers. Once the crack is filled, it is leveled to match the gradient of the existing surface, and then blended in to make the repair less obvious.

Performing asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh is always based upon the size and number of cracks in the surface of your blacktop. The width and depth of the cracks in your asphalt will determine how extensively your blacktop surface will have to be prepared, in order to restore it.

  • Hairline cracks that are less than one-quarter of an inch wide require no special preparation, aside from the basic cleaning of the area being repaired.
  • Small cracks that are one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch wide need to be widened with a router to create a reservoir for the sealant that will be used to fill them. This will also help prevent raveling, which is the disintegration of the bond that holds the asphalt aggregates together.
  • Medium cracks, which are three-quarters of an inch to two inches wide, must be prepared with a sandblaster, heat lance or wire brush and then blown out with compressed air.
  • Large cracks, which are wider than two inches, must be prepared just like potholes. A saw is used to cut away the jagged edges and damaged asphalt to create vertical faces and a better surface for filler adhesion.
  • All cracks must be inspected, before they are filled, to ensure that they are clean and dry and clear of debris or dust that might prevent the filler from adhering to the sidewalls of the fissures. Proper preparation for your asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh will make all the difference between a quality finish and a chronically damaged and unattractive blacktop surface.

The Rule of Thumb

If more than 25% of your blacktop is cracked, you may need to consider resurfacing.


If more than three-quarters of your blacktop is cracked, pitted or damaged, you may need to consider an all-out replacement.

If your commercial property is in need of asphalt crack repair in Pittsburgh, give our team a call today.