ASAP Asphalt is proud to be one of the most requested and respected asphalt companies providing safe, quality asphalt maintenance solutions in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We efficiently and effectively provide simple, yet detailed asphalt proposals for:

Property Managers

All of our Asphalt Kickin’ Sales Team members have been trained in the responsibilities of our clients for their commercial accounts/buildings. We understand CAM’s, budgets, fiscal years, capital expenditures, depreciation, customer safety, and tenant retention; all in relation to your parking lot. We can develop maintenance programs, address budget concerns, create RFP’s, and consult on the next best move based on each individual property. ASAP specializes in providing and executing multiple year plans for all of the properties in your portfolio.

Building Owners

Are you concerned with or have you been familiarized with the current ADA Compliance Codes? Do you want to protect your investment by performing the proper asphalt maintenance to allow your asphalt parking lot to last longer? Do you want to beautify your property and make it inviting for customers and tenants? Do you worry about having a safe property for your customers and tenants? We will review the entire lot from catch basins to curbs and everything in-between, then provide you with a thorough analysis.

Maintenance Engineers | Building Supervisors

ASAP knows that you want the fastest, most efficient, simple yet detailed proposal to review. We will provide detailed specifications and an overhead view of the areas to be addressed. We understand that you have a working knowledge of your parking lot and expect a company with the experience to provide you with quality asphalt solutions based on your recommendations.

Residential Apartment Complexes

ASAP has a lot of experience working in residential apartment complexes. We understand that tenant retention, safety, and the least amount of inconvenience possible are your top priorities. We will provide the exact plan of attack for you to share with your tenants. From pothole repair, to sealcoating, to full asphalt removal and replacement, your tenants will be our main concern. We are also familiar with presenting to the Board and are happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.


We have worked at countless churches in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We understand and are familiar in dealing with the Board, are happy to provide budget friendly options, and can recommend the best way to tackle the investment. Safety is a top priority, and constant access to the entrance is of the utmost concern. We make sure the jobsite is clean, and neat–and in better shape than when we arrived. We are happy to provide long term plans, or short term quality solutions for any safety concerns.

National Companies

We have a ton of experience and welcome working for the National Companies. We understand that following the instructions of the RFP is of the utmost importance, and take the time to review each bid carefully before it’s timely submission. Whether its on your bid form, or ours, we will make sure that you get what you are asking for including pictures, specifications, and pricing — broken down any way you need it. We know that your customers are your priority and you need us to treat them as a priority too. We are familiar with the payment process, meet all insurance requirements, and would be proud to represent your company on a local level.

Other Pittsburgh Based Asphalt Companies

ASAP will gladly work for or with another Pittsburgh based asphalt company to complete projects in the area. We may provide services that your company doesn’t offer, you may be too busy to tackle, or it might be a little far for you to travel. We are happy to provide proposals or sit down and talk about the best way to proceed, and how to work together. We enjoy working with other companies in the area, and welcome the chance to meet another quality asphalt maintenance contractor.