You have found a paving contractor who can bring your lot into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


We can advise you on all state and federal requirements from line striping of handicapped areas to catch basin repair and proper ramp construction.


When you need safe, durable accessibility improvements, call now for a free consultation.

Important ADA Information

Having a wide knowledge about ADA compliances is crucial to safety. This is very important because the property owner could be held liable or fined if there are issues or violations. We’re always sure to check all the little things like the grade or slope of inclines, ensuring that disabled parking is properly striped, and checking things like proper width on catch basin drains for wheelchair or scooter access.

Planning Your Paving

If you have recently begun developing your commercial construction project, we can help you plan and design your blacktop features, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Small businesses with 1 to 25 parking spaces must provide at least 1 space for handicapped customers. Larger businesses with 401 to 500 parking spaces must provide at least 9 spaces for handicapped customers, and 2 of the 9 spaces must be made large enough to facilitate vans with side-mounted wheelchair lifts.
  • Wheelchair ramps leading from parking lots to business entrances must not exceed gradients of 1:12, which means the ramps cannot rise any more than 1 inch per every foot of length. The preferred gradients for access ramps are 1:16 or 1:20. However, 1:12 gradients are acceptable in parking lots where space is limited.
  • Businesses found in non-compliance with ADA standards can face fines that range between $55,000.00 and $110,000.00. And, if personal injuries occur as a result of non-compliance, commercial property owners can be made to face civil damages in addition to punitive damages.

As an asphalt contractor in Pittsburgh, we are fully educated and experienced with ADA guidelines. So please feel free to give us a call, as you plan your new blacktop surfaces, or if you are concerned that your current parking lot is not in compliance with current ADA guidelines.