Sealcoating is the process of treating asphalt with an as asphalt emulsion to maintain its color and optimal condition. Sealcoating in Pittsburgh will help maintain the functionality and beauty of your blacktop surfaces. Sealcoating will make your commercial property more welcoming and safe for employees, existing customers and potential clients. For optimal protection, sealcoating applications are maintenance procedures that must be performed every other year in order to maximize the performance of commercial parking lots.

Expert Sealcoating Services for Pittsburgh, PA

Sealcoating Provides Protection Against:

Automotive Fluids: Asphalt is a petrochemical, which means that it is a by-product of crude oil, just like gasoline, motor oil and other mechanical fluids derived from the oil refining process. Whenever petrochemicals drip onto an asphalt surface, they alter the molecular properties of the asphalt. Because, as by-products of a refined substance, petrochemicals are drawn to one another on a molecular level – they are naturally compelled to integrate and return to their original state. This compulsion weakens asphalt, reduces its adhesive qualities and causes the material to break down. Have you seen the oil spots in your parking spaces? Yes–sealer will guard against that.

UV Rays: The ultra violet rays of the sun break down the carbon bonds of asphalt, which is why, over time, your parking lot surface changes from a deep, jet black to a worn and bleached out gray. Parking lots will not always fade or bleach out at the same rate. Trees and tall buildings that protect your blacktop from constant sun exposure will help preserve the carbon bonds that are keeping your asphalt beautifully black and in good shape. Nonetheless, whenever you notice fading or graying, it is essential that you take immediate action. The longer you wait to perform seal coating in Pittsburgh, the more damage your asphalt surfaces will sustain.

The Weather: Rain, snow, sleet and hail combined with the freezing and thawing process of our weather pattern can wreak havoc upon blacktop surfaces, especially if they are not maintained properly. Sealcoating in Pittsburgh will help you reinforce and protect your asphalt from the force of the rain falling from the sky, the use of rock salt to clear ice and snow from parking lots and walkways, and the natural expansion and contraction of the blacktop as it freezes and thaws.

To Seal or Not To Seal?

Sealcoating in Pittsburgh is essential to maintaining your blacktop surfaces. However, sealing must be performed strategically to ensure maximum protection and performance. The first coat of sealant should not be applied to your asphalt for at least 6 months to a year, following installation. This gives the material enough time to cure and solidify. Sealcoating prematurely will cause your blacktop to retain oil and as a result, remain supple and soft. Supple blacktop surfaces will not hold up to heavy traffic, and they will develop surface depressions more easily. Prematurely sealed parking lots are easy to spot, because they usually have tread marks and footprints dispersed across their surfaces.

  • Sealcoating in Pittsburgh should be performed during periods of low humidity with minimal to no chances of rain for a 3-day stretch
  • Sealcoating must be done when the temperature is at least 50° and will not drop below that level for at least a few weeks
  • Sealcoating should be performed every other year, or every two years to maintain a good protective coating.
  • Sealcoating should be applied using two coats.