Asphalt Services for Pittsburgh, PA

As an asphalt contractor in Pittsburgh, we know how the hardscaped, blacktop features of your property lend to its overall appearance and beauty, and also safety.      Over time, even with proper maintenance, your blacktop will begin to show signs of wear and tear, and failure.  Cracks and potholes will inevitably appear.  As your asphalt ages,  the best way to address them is with immediacy.  Defects in your blacktop surfaces will diminish the visual appeal of your property, lessen its value and even lend to judgments against your business due to its dilapidated appearance. Our Asphalt Kickin’ team works with commercial property owners as well as property managers and maintenance engineers to create, maintain, repair and replace asphalt surfaces.  It will revitalize the curb appeal of your commercial property. It will also reduce the potential for personal injuries, due to trips and falls.

What are the Asphalt Options?  What Should You do?


  • Pothole Repairs | Hot Mix Asphalt or Premium Cold Patch 

Pesky potholes will pop up in Pittsburgh parking lots, usually after a typical Pittsburgh winter freeze and thaw.  If you have a pothole in the parking lot, and simply just want it filled to reduce your liability, then contact us.  We can repair it with either hot-mixed asphalt or premium cold patch.   Your choice, but we have premium cold mix asphalt in stock.  Potholes are one of the most common trip hazards among commercial parking lots but area also the easiest to remedy.  Click here for more info on pothole patching.

  • Asphalt Repair

Beyond the potholes, sometimes an asphalt repair is what you need to increase the value, extend the asphalt life and reduce the liability of a trip and fall.  When the asphalt creates an alligatored (think shattered glass)  effect, it is more than likely that it will also pop out during the next freeze and thaw and form a larger pothole.  We can prevent this from becoming a hazard by neatly removing and replacing the asphalt in the alligatored/shattered areas.  The depth of new asphalt will be determined by the severity of the failure in the repair area.  This will be determined by a site visit from one of our Asphalt Kickin’ team members.  But, the rule of thumb?  The worse it’s shattered, the deeper we will have to go in order for it not to become an issue again.

In some circumstances, the asphalt repair goes beyond the asphalt.  The sub-base plays a very important role in the longevity of asphalt.  If the sub-base is unstable, then everything on top of it (especially the asphalt) will be unstable as well.  But, there is a remedy for that too.  We can remove and replace, or re-compact the sub-base before re-installing the asphalt.  Problem solved.

  • Asphalt Overlay/Asphalt Resurfacing

An asphalt overlay is just that, we ‘overlay’ new asphalt on top of the existing asphalt.  Sometimes this is referred to asphalt resurfacing.  This asphalt solution is common for parking lots that are not completely failing, but desire to have a new surface installed to improve the look, stability, and overall safety of the parking lot.  It is the most economical paving option when a new asphalt surface is desired.  We always take into consideration the existing grades of the lot, and the sidewalks, handicap ramps, sewer grates, water taps, etc. when doing an overlay/resurface.  We will adjust all of the inlets as needed, and remove the old asphalt in areas where we need to provide a smooth transition from the new asphalt to the existing conditions.  Click here for more info on asphalt resurfacing.

  •  Complete Asphalt Removal & Replacement

If your blacktop has reached a point where more than three-quarters of its surface are affected by cracks, potholes and heaving, it will more than likely have to be replaced.    Our Asphalt Kickin’ Team team is experienced in dealing with some of the largest projects, and we schedule our work to coordinate with your efforts to prepare employees, customers, tenants and facility users for the project.  We focus on safety, and know that your customers and tenants are your priority.

If you have been looking for an asphalt contractor in Pittsburgh to help you plan, install, maintain, repair or replace your blacktop surfaces, give us a call. We are fully licensed and insured, and we are dedicated to providing quality service.