Sealing Asphalt

Our company specializes in sealing asphalt in Pittsburgh. With more than 75 years of combined experience to our credit, we can help you maintain the condition and appearance of your commercial walkways and parking lots – they are, after all, the welcome mats to your business.

Preparing your blacktop surfaces is the most important step, when sealing asphalt in Pittsburgh. Working with a clean, smooth, receptive surface sealing asphaltwill make all the difference between a blotchy parking lot and an aesthetically appealing finish. So it is always a good idea to plan your sealing project during pleasant weather, when the temperature is at least 45° Fahrenheit and the potential for rain is minimal.

  • If you have a large area of blacktop to be sealed, the project will be performed in phases. We will work with you to devise a schedule for the work, so you can notify your employees and coordinate parking as the sealing gets underway.
  • Once a schedule has been worked out, grass, weeds and flowers are removed from cracks, curbs and seams.
  • Mechanical liquids such as oil, gas and transmission fluid are spot cleaned with detergent and then treated with an asphalt primer to keep the spots from bleeding through the surface of the new sealant.
  • Once the surface is cleared of weeds and treated with primer, it is swept with a push broom to clear the blacktop of dust, dirt, pebbles and debris, and then cracks, depressions and potholes are filled with patching compounds.
  • The sealcoating will then be applied to the entire surface using state of the art spray units.  The first coat of sealer will be left to dry before the second coat of sealer is applied.
  • After the sealcoating has dried, the lines will then be painted in existing patterns and colors.


How does sealing protect my blacktop?
Sealing asphalt in Pittsburgh will make your blacktop surfaces more attractive and more resistant to sun damage and weathering. Constant cycles of heating and cooling will dry out and disintegrate the binders that hold the components of your blacktop together, which combined with heavy traffic, will lead to flaking and chipping. Regular sealing and maintenance will retard this process and help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

How often do my blacktop surfaces need to be sealed?
Traffic and environmental factors will have the greatest impact upon your asphalt surfaces and the frequency that they will need to be sealed. Heavy, commercial vehicles and frequent traffic combined with unshielded, extended exposure to the sun will weather and wear blacktop surfaces more quickly. Sealing asphalt in Pittsburgh should be done every 2 to 4 years in general. However, exceptionally hot summers and harsh winters can require sealing to be performed more frequently.

How do cracks and potholes affect blacktop?
Cracks and potholes in the blacktop surface allow water to penetrate to the soil layer beneath the asphalt. This can affect your parking lot in a couple of different ways. Water that seeps into the soil bed can erode the earth beneath the blacktop and diminish its strength, leading to further cracks and sinking. Water trapped beneath the blacktop can freeze, as colder temperatures set in and heave the asphalt upwards, resulting in displacement, crumbling, overlapping and even more potholes.

How long after sealing asphalt in Pittsburgh can the surface be used?
In most cases, you can resume regular use of your asphalt surfaces between 24 and 48 hours, after the final coat of sealant has been applied. Areas of the blacktop that get more shade than sun will take longer to dry. Drying time can be prolonged by as much as 12 hours, when the temperature is less than 80° Fahrenheit or the humidity level is 50% or greater.

If your commercial parking lot or walkways have fallen into disrepair, contact our team of asphalt experts today. We offer free on-site estimates and guarantee quality results.